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nothing is really maintanance free.
three questions are important when it comes to keeping your materials in optimal state:
'how and with what will you preserve it, and does it really work?'

Based on years of experience (in the water sports market), Idétrading General Supplies has developed the new IMPRESSED® productline.

The IMPRESSED®-line consists of a selection of high quality maintenance products for indoor- and outdoor use.

The products can be used for instance on wood, wickerwork, decorative paving stones, stone, chrome and stainless steel, glass, plastics, metal and various types of fabrics. A number of products makes use of nanotechnology, that gives the product extra intensive or durable characteristics.

The "green" productline is for use on for instance decorative paving stones, garden furniture and outdoor kitchens. A special part are the products that active or preventive work against spiders and insects.

The preservers and cleaners of IMPRESSED® guarantee the optimal conservation of costsly materials indoor and outdoor. You will be impressed!

Best regards,