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a shiny hull, a clean shiny deck, perfectly maintained teak, sails without spots and all your equipment in perfect condition. This means time to enjoy your yacht.

However to get this done is not as easy as it appears to be. A lot of maintenance products won't get you the results they promised, they are labor-intensive and won't last very long. "There has to be a better way" we thought at IMPRESSED®.

Our cleaners do most of the work by themselves and bring the materials back to their original condition. With our long lasting protectors your boat will stay in this condition almost forever. These products use nanotechnology and have the special infinity logo.

That our cleaners and protectors are of high quality is shown by the positive results by the from the Dutch watersports magazine De Waterkampioen. IMPRESSED® Nano Boat Protector was awarded the title of: "Best Sheen Mix and Quickly". A clear confirmation that you're dealing with excellent quality!

Boat and yacht maintenance with the products of IMPRESSED® is easy and long lasting. You will be IMPRESSED!

Best regards,