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web free®

Product description: Impressed Web Free® is a biodegradable product for cleaning on specific parts of buildings, objects and vessels, from seasonal biological pollution (cobwebs and faeces).

Spider Free's® Insect Clean is admitted to the CTGB* for the differentiated maintaining policy (biocides) of the Dutch authorities. The product is non poisonous and 100% biological degradable.

User Instructions: Always wear rubber gloves. Remove any present spiders (DO NOT KILL) and webs. Before applying the product, first remove the loose dirt with a brush and water. Spray product directly without thinning, spray into seams and cracks at a temperature below 24 degrees, and allow to dry for 8 hours. Remove excess liquid (drops) to prevent staining and streaking on the surface. Carry out this application at least twice a year. For example, 1x in the period April / May / June, and 1x in the period July / August / September. For specific applications or specific situations; consult your advisor.

Usage: ca. 10-15 ml per m2

Packaging: 500 ml / 2500 ml / 5000 ml

*CTGB = (Board for the Authorization of Plant Protection Products and Biocides)